Monday, 29 June 2015

A Day in London

My Mum and I spent Sunday in London, waking up very early for a train to visit an exhibition and just explore a bit afterwards in the afternoon- I thought I'd share some of the photos of the day! We spent the morning in the museum and loved the exhibition we had come to see- which was on the Greek definition of beauty. It was amazing to see the 2000 year old art and statues including the one above of Homer! It's all linked to the work I'll be doing next year at school for classical civilsation so it was really useful for me too. We then got the tube to Camden, where I have wanted to go for ages! We weren't disappointed- after walking down the tackier main street we spent about 3 hours getting frozen tea in a cafĂ© above the market and then walking around the endless shops. The food bit especially was amazing and we loved the range of different shops- one minute you walk past a shop full of really gothic/alternative clothing, then a darker room full of ethnic and indian decor and a bit later, an alpaca themed section! We had dinner at a vegetarian South Indian restaurant along Drummond street near Euston which was lovely, before getting our train back home. 
Thanks for reading!