Monday, 18 May 2015

A Few Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately

 Now that exams are in full swing, I thought I'd try and spread a little positivity (as it's very easy to get stuck in the dull revision rut) and list a few things that have made me happy lately. Make sure to let me know in the comments your list- I'd love to know! :)

~Going to a vegan fair on Saturday. My Mum and I have recently really lapsed on veganism, so it was great to get some motivation and see so many people who also felt strongly about animal rights. We both left feeling very keen to get back into cutting out dairy and eggs and looking forward to the next one, in October.

~Making some dairy-free blueberry pancakes for breakfast on sunday. These were a nice little change to my usual breakfast and went perfectly with my coffee, before starting work. 

~Possibly the best of all, getting to lie-in during the week! Being on study leave, I have only had to go into school when I have an exam, which means far fewer 6 am get ups. I've loved being able to sleep in until 9 and having a lazy breakfast. 

~Speaking of fewer, Game of Thrones Season 5. (Did anyone else thoroughly enjoy Stannis Baratheon's little grammar police moment?!). As you may already know, I'm absolutely obsessed with the show- and season 5 has not disappointed. I am, however, struggling to accept that we're already half way through the season now- I am not prepared for another year or so wait!

~Making plans. Half term starts at the end of this week, and a few of my friends and I have been planning meet-ups; including a trip to see Pitch Perfect 2 in the cinemas and also a few much needed blogging days! 

~And finally, putting on Mumford & Sons' new album, going for a run on a sunny day and enjoying the sunny weather. And the bluebells everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's really nice to look back at the positive things over the last couple of days or so. Thanks for reading and have a good week!