Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Styling Midlength Hair; Overnight Relaxed Waves

 As soon as I got my hair cut, back in October, I have wanted to do a post on styling midlength hair, showing you some of the different things I do on a daily basis. I think it's fair to say this post is very overdue! Cutting my hair was, I think, a very good decision- my hair had gotten very long and damaged at the ends and I was really just a bit bored. I do, occasionally miss doing fishtail plaits and having long pony tails but overall I'd say my new hairstyle (can I call it new?!) suits me a lot better.

Anyway, I had been searching for ages on the perfect way to get relaxed/beachy waves for my hair, without using any heat on it. I tried plaits, which came out slightly crimped and a bit frizzy for my liking and various other methods all of which came out very odd looking. After the long search, I came across this video with a tutorial that actually works- yay! If you're as lazy as I am with your hair and you don't like using straighters or curlers- this is one for you.
This method isn't my own, but I really just wanted to show you how it comes out on my hair and direct you over to the video if you are on the search for a good method. I was a little apprehensive whilst watching the video, as Ale seems to have slightly naturally hair (lucky thing!) and I wasn't sure how it would come out on mine, which is poker straight, but as you can see it really does work well and also lasts all day. If it comes out a little crazy at first, don't worry- just stick it in a pony and in 20 minutes or so it should look more normal. Thanks for reading!